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About Us

Man Power Cross Security & Contractors UK LTD is a security company with a master
plan to introduce the best of security services, to dominate the already volatile security market and
maintain a leadership role by continually creating high security standards. Man Power Cross Security & Contractors UK LTD is engaged in the business of Security and Personal Hazards Protection and control

The Company Is a duly accredited Security firm duely Registered in Nigeria to carry on the business of
providing Security in all areas of the country with full knowledge of the technical requirements of the type of services required in this security services contract to take charge of the operations and management of guard services, to prevent
unauthorized access, protect life, maintain order, deter criminal attacks against employees and
property, and terrorist acts against potential and identified client concerns.
We also understand the sensitivity of the environment under which these services will be
performed and the nature of services required. Our understanding of the extensive requirement of
this contract has geared us up in putting together the resources, labour, material and capital as
well as the procedures and systems needed to meet the requirement as specified.

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